The proposed site for Peace Ling meditation center is named Zomket Lhakhang (“joyful togetherness in a heavenly house”). It is on a rocky mountain overlooking a valley and rising about half a kilometre from the surrounding area. About a hundred meters above Zomket Lhakhang is the Stongday Monastery, founded by Marpa the great saint of Tibet and the teacher of Milarepa.

Many trees grow around the site, and there is also fresh spring water. Just below the site is the retreat cave of great yogi Marpa who is said to have meditated there during his journey from Tibet to zanskar. Like many other Tibetan Lamas, Marpa had many miraculous powers and is believed to have left a footprint on a stone here. Several hundred years later, a nunnery called Zomket Lhakhang was erected there. Because the nuns experienced an overwhelming number of visitors looking for the footprint, and this created insurmountable obstacles in their practice, they covered the footprint on Zomket Lhakhang, and it remains unfound to this day.


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