Dear Well-wishers of Peace Ling Center.

Here is some progress on the Peace Ling project.

Last year we appointed a local man to take care of and slowly start the Peace Ling project, leveling the ground and collecting materials. Unfortunately he has gone abroad, so is no longer working for the project. It is hard to find another trustworthy person to take responsibility for the project. I am still working as the accountant of Drepung Gomang monastery as part of a three-year service that will end in January 2014. Until then I cannot leave the office, even for a single day. The monastery is located in South India near the famous city Goa, and is eight days and nights’ journey from Ladakh. I have requested many builders and engineers to help build the project but all my requests have had no results. I have learnt the great lesson that I will have to do the building myself, rather than relying on others. Therefore the project will have to wait until I am free from the service to the monastery. This means all Peace Ling well-wishers will have to be patient for another two years before seeing the project in action. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: We will have a Peace Ling Center where we will welcome you all in peace.

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